About us


Charlie max: creation of two young people aiming to create a trendy product ranging from the refined to the young and eccentric, thus appealing to all palates and ages.

Charlie max is a brand born in Milan, undisputed fashion capital of the world. We are inspired by the styles, trends and artistic stimulus found at the heart of our city.
Advertising, photo shooting and image are achieved here in collaboration with expert professionals.

The Charlie max team also has headquarters in Belluno, traditional centre of the eyewear industry. We collaborate with businesses and professionals in the area, in order to achieve the highest technical degree and quality of components.

A distinctive aspect of our philosophy is our belief in the future and in a young team, synonyms of motivation, a novel and innovative approach, a multicultural point of view of the world and a touch of fun.


In line with the Charlie max philosophy, we have adopted the usage of cellulose acetate: the best plastic utilized in the eyewear sector from a quality point of view.

Our trademark is a contrast in colour between the outside and inside of the frames, achieved by matching plastics by bonding sheets of acetate in different colours. The bonding processes have been defined within our technical office and created exclusively for our brand.

Both colouring and lenses chosen for our sunglasses and reading glasses are exclusively created for our brand.
Our distinctive and recognisable trademark is a small symbol on the arm: a diamond shaped gold metallic insert resembling our Charlie max logo.

All our products are certified according to European regulations. Our sun lenses undergo resistance and protection testing, according to European and international regulations.


When launching a product, we adopt a 360 approach by paying up most attention to each and every aspect: the frame, the packaging, the window and the display.
The latter has been designed and created by a young team of architects expertly led by Arch. Fabian Testor, with the aim of escaping traditions and creating a fashionable
and identifiable feature within each individual store.

According to our philosophy, a detailed packaging identifies and enhances our Brand both inside and outside the shop.